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During the establishment of TSWRU, it was decided that research would be the initial major activity.  The research program has been developed to undertake basic and applied research in the area of tropical and subtropical weed science.  

There are two main themes within this research program. The first is to develop less synthetic chemical dependent methods of weed control.  This is our "Sustainable Weed Control Solutions" and involves the Centre for Pesticide Application and Safety (CPAS), the Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation (CMLR) and the Agricultural Mechanisation Unit, all part of the University of Queensland. 

The second theme is in the area of weed dynamics, identification and diagnostics.  This is our "Assessing the Risks" program and interfaces strongly in the activities of the Centre for Plant Architecture Informatics (CPAI) using virtual plant-plant-environment interactions and the Centre for Information Diagnostics for insects and Weeds (CID), both located at the St Lucia UQ campus.


The "Sustainable weed Control Solutions" program has components at both the Gatton and St Lucia Campuses.  At the Gatton campus, research is centred around natural weed control particularly using precision driven, mechanical weed control systems and biocontrol using insects and pathogens.  At the St Lucia campus this program has emphasis on weed seed biology, understanding seed dormancy mechanisms, seed bank assessment and examining methods to kill or remove weed seeds from the seed bank.


The "Assessing the Risks" program also has components at both the Gatton and St Lucia campuses.  At the Gatton campus, research is centred on the molecular biological tools to diagnose weeds with herbicide resistance as well as molecular weed ecology.  At the St Lucia campus this program has a strong emphasis on the use of computers in weed science by undertaking studies on weed distribution and abundance and crop-weed interactions.


Within our research components we have strong collaborative links with many other centres both within the university and external to it.  A few of the links are shown below.

CPITT - Centre for Pest Information Technology & Transfer
Ag Mech - Agricultural Mechanisation Group
CMLR - Centre for Mined land Rehabilitation
CPAS - Centre for Pesticide Application & Safety
CID - Centre for Information Diagnostics
CPAI - Centre for Plant Architecture Informatics

Collaboration also with the following University centres:

EC - The Ecology Centre
NADN - Northern Australian Diagnostics Network
NRCET - National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology

Major National links (below) and current International links (below right)


Last updated July 2001