Project Areas

Undergraduate subjects.

The course you are planning to undertake will determine the subjects available to you.  At the Gatton campus the subjects are comprised of sections of weed science, plant pathology, entomology whereas at the St Lucia campus, there is the availability of entire weed science subjects.  For a full guide into the courses available, visit the University of Queensland website.

St Lucia (Brisbane city):

At the St Lucia campus, subjects incorporating components of weed science are available.  They include:

Subject code Subject title Semester
AGRC 2002 Agricultural Pests 1st
PLNT 3012 Tropical Weed Science 2nd
PLNT 2006 Crop and Horticultural Science 2nd
  Integrated Plant Protection  
  Integrated Crop Management  

All subjects undertaken at the St Lucia campus are taught by Dr Steve Adkins.

Gatton (Country):

At the Gatton Campus, there are subjects involving weed science as components within broader subject areas.  Subjects are taught by Mary Paterson in conjunction with other specialist lecturers.

Subject code Subject title Semester
PLNT 2003
Integrated Crop Management 2nd
PLNT 3009 Plant Protection 2nd
PLNT1953D Plant Protection Techniques 2nd
PLNT 2008 Protection Biology 1st
PLNT  Crop Health & Management  

Individual Subject Information:

AGRC 2002 Agricultural Pests

Agricultural Pests is a subject aiming to provide a comprehensive introduction to weed, fungal and insect pests of agriculture with special emphasis o  their biology and control. On completion of the subject, students will be able to identify agricultural and horticultural pests, understand their biology and the physiological processes that make them pests and determined which control measures should be  used in different circumstances.

PLNT 3012  Weed Science

This subject aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to weed science with special emphasis on weeds of Queensland and control measures used in semi-tropical locations.  The course covers aspects such as weed biology, chemical weed control, plant-herbicide interactions, biological control, integrated weed management.

PLNT 2003 Integrated Crop Management

This is a joint project involving entomology, plant pathology, weed science and pesticide application.  The subject focuses on the management issues associated with each of these disciplines facilitating an integrated management approach to the control of pests in cropping situations.  

Students are required to run and monitor a commercial type field trial. 

PLNT 3009 Plant Protection

The Plant Protection subject offered through the School of Agriculture and Horticulture is a third year subject and focuses on the joint interactions between insects, weeds, plant pathogens. The weed component within this subject focuses on the lifecycles of weeds, the interactions with other plant communities, competition and control practices.  The aim is to provide the students with a knowledge of plant protection principles and ways to apply this knowledge in field situations.